Treatment List

Many of these Natural Treatments have a synergistic effect, therefore they may be used together to enhance the effectiveness of the other.

  1. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Directs or allows for the flow of energy to the selected areas of the body. When Qi (energy that supports the functionality of the body) flows through the body without blockages the body will be in a state of health. Disease can emerge when the flow of Qi (energy) is interrupted. To restore balance acupuncture or herbs are used.
  2. Botanical Medicine: Uses the healing properties of plants in the treatment of illness or the supportive elements to optimize function in specific organ systems. Naturopathic Doctors are trained in pharmacology and herb/drug interactions. If you are taking any medications, the treatment plan can be tailored appropriately.
  3. Dietary Counselling and Food Sensitivity Testing: Uses blood allergy testing, onsite food sensitivity testing and/or elimination diets to formulate the best diet for your body. The individualized diet plan is a way of tailoring the diet that is suitable for that person’s body type. A“healthy diet” may still result in irritable bowel, allergies, fatigue, mood changes or difficulty to lose weight. Food sensitivities may be the reason for the above issues with mild to moderate symptoms from the time one has eaten up to three days later. Once these sensitivities are discovered many unexplained symptoms can be eliminated. Also, dietary treatment of illness or cleansing programs can be discussed.
  4. Homeopathic Medicine: Assists the body in the direction of healing by the use of minute doses of the selected substance or remedy. In the efforts to heal the body will present with various symptoms. Homeopathic medicine completes the healing process, the body could not do on its own, by matching each person’s unique symptom. Homeopathy is very safe it is a preferred method of treatment for infants, children and patients who are on multiple prescriptions.
  5. Orthomolecular Medicine: Uses substances the body requires, such as vitamins and minerals, to support basic biochemical functioning or treat deficiency. In present day, foods we eat have become deficient in nutrients. As a result, orthomolecular medicine is used to treat these deficiencies.