Womens Health

Hormonal Balance allows you to finally be liberated from the unexpected fluctuations of Premenstrual Syndrome or Menopause.

Emotional ups and downs, breast tenderness, hot flashes, sugar or salt cravings, sporadic bowel movements, low energy, uterine and lower back pain will no longer be accepted as a normal part of the monthly period.

Endometriosis pain and irregular menses no longer have to be controlled by birth control pills.

Menopausal change of life can be a healthy transition with temperature regulation, stabilized blood pressure and cholesterol, little to no bone loss, maintaining a healthy weight and thyroid.

No longer face the emotional and physical disappointments of infertility.

Breast health is not approached with fear, rather with confidence and control. You can feel confident about the health of your breast by utilizing thermography to examine the health of your breast and/or clinical exams along with your own self-exams.