Specialities & Services

Childrens Health: Chronic Flus • Colds • Eczema • Digestive Complaints
Food Allergies • Hyperactivity

Dr. Sangra has developed an interest in children’s health issues due to the fact that both of her children were born with food sensitivities, which is quite common with children and even adults.
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Digestive Health: Celiacs Disaease • Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea • Crohns Disease • Heartburn • Irritable Bowel Disease • “Leaky-Gut” Syndrome • Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers • Ulcerative colitis
Dr. Sangra has had a great deal of success with treating digestive issues. Dr. Sangra’s treatment focuses on patient’s diet and overall nutrition and may also include a detox program, which assists the body in eliminating toxins that affect the functionality of the digestive system and other organs in the body.
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Emotional Health: Anxiety • Depression • Chronic Fatigue
Insomnia • Post-Traumatic Stress

All of the above have become quite common place for teenagers (who are struggling to find their identity), young adults (who are trying to establish roots for themselves) and the elderly (who are feeling isolated and alone). Dr. Sangra has dealt with a number of patients who suffer from such conditions and is dedicated to helping them find a solution through natural alternatives.
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Joint and Muscle HealthFibromyalgia • Osteoarthritis • Osteoporosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis • Sciatica • Acute Injuries

Dr. Sangra believes peoples joints, muscles and bones do not have to suffer from as a result of repetitive motion and regular physical activity. This wear and tear does not have to result in constant joint pain, muscle tightness and strain. Dr. Sangra believes: (1) a diet low in essential vitamins, minerals and fats; and high in sugars and transfats; (2) lack of regular exercise; (3) and chronic stress have a strong correlation with the manifestation of joint and muscle pain and brittle bones later in life. Dr. Sangra has helped people get back their quality of daily life by providing the necessary lifestyle factors to support repair from wear and tear in order to reduce the risk of injury, eliminate joint inflammation and muscle strain and prevent bone degeneration.
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Womens health: Breast Health • Hormonal Imbalance • Infertility
Menopause • Premenstrual Symptoms

Women today face many competing demands and challenges in trying to balance both their family and professional lives. As a result, many women are experiencing adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, infertility and menopausal irregularities. Dr. Sangra believes birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapy are not the appropriate way to resolve imbalances. Instead, they only mask the true cause and do not take care of the root cause, as natural alternatives can.
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