New Patients

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

Please bring your completed intake form, any copies of recent blood work and imaging results, and medications and supplements you are currently taking.

First Appointment (up to 90 minutes)

Time is made available to discuss your primary health concerns as well as your health history. At this time any necessary tests are performed such as: Diet and Nutritional Analysis, Electro-Meridian Imaging, Physical exam and/or Traditional Chinese Diagnostics. Necessary lab testing may also be recommended, discussion of your treatment options and any questions you may have will be answered.

Subsequent Appointments (30-45 minutes)

Four weeks after the first visit an assessment is done to monitor the progress of the treatment(s). At this time any necessary adjustments are made to your wellness program and any questions are answered. If the patient responds well to the program and gets closer to health and further from Dis-Ease, the visits will be less frequent and shorter.

Brief Appointment (15 minutes)

This appointment may be done before the 4 weeks subsequent appointment or as the
patient gets closer to their health goal, to do a quick drop in assessment and refill of

Fee Information

Visits & Acupuncture:

• Initial visit – $165 (up to 90minutes)
• 45 minute follow-up visit – $110
• 30 minute follow-up visit – $75
• 15 minute follow-up visit – $40
• Acupuncture visits – $75 (45 minutes)
• Acupuncture Package for 8 treatments: $60/session


• Laboratory Testing – depends upon type of testing.

Personal Health History Form

>Download Our Personal Health History Form


Any cancelled or missed appointments without 24-hours notice will be subject to a $40 fee.

Payment is due when service is rendered and prescriptions are purchased.

We are required to add HST/GST to all visits, supplements and lab tests.

Most extended medical plans cover all or a portion of naturopathic services. Check with your health insurance provider for details of your coverage.

Email is for quick, clarifying questions and scheduling arrangements only.