Lab Test:

May be needed to help in the analysis of the patients symptoms towards a concrete diagnosis.
Many tests are offered: cellular blood analysis, cholesterol levels, liver and kidney function, thyroid hormone levels, food sensitivity test IgE and IgG, vitamin and mineral levels and heavy metal toxicity through hair analysis, female and male hormonal panels and cortisol/DHEA adrenal function test. Thermography breast exams are a great way for detecting functional changes to breast tissue up to 5-8 years before a lesion is detectable. This screening is used for ages 25 and up and is still accurate in its detection for people with fibrous breast tissue and breast implants.

Chinese Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis:

Is another way of assessing how well the organs are functioning at the present time and indicates what direction the body is going forward into the future.

Electro-Meridian Imaging:

EMI is a computerized program that detects and measures the electro-conductivity of Chinese Acupuncture Meridians in the body. The EMI indicates how the organ systems are functioning and how they could be affecting each other.

Health and Medical History:

The symptoms of past and present are important pieces of information in solving the health concerns of the patient.

Nutritional Analysis:

“You are what you eat”. Food is one of the major factors in the state of the health of a person. Many types of analysis are done: diet diary, food sensitivity blood test, in clinic food sensitivity test and Chinese diagnosis based diet.